018 – Tarik Bellamine and Kevin Kim – Gossamer

In this episode, we speak with Tarik Bellamine and Kevin Kim, co-founders of Gossamer. Tarik is a full-stack and Ethereum developer who was previously at Capital One and Pace Harmon and passionate about personal finance, DeFi, and building cool things. Kevin is a product manager, designer and front-end developer who was previously at Quartz and Facebook. He has a passion for applying research and user experience to product development.


018 – Tarik Bellamine and Kevin Kim – Gossamer2019-11-22T01:34:01+00:00

017 – Alan Carr and Bryce Bladon – Dapper Labs

In this episode, we speak with Alan Carr, co-founder of KittyCalc and Product Lead at CryptoKitties, and Bryce Bladon, Director of Communications at Dapper Labs. In addition to his work as a game designer and product manager for CryptoKitties, Alan also contributes to other projects at Dapper Labs. He is a Jack of all trades, master of dragons, and previously worked on entertainment experiences everywhere from Blizzard Entertainment to Asterism Books, his own self publishing imprint for young adult fiction. Bryce is an award-winning writer and content designer with a background in emerging technologies and helping people understand them. While at Axiom Zen, Bryce was a part of the team that brought CryptoKitties to market. (more…)

017 – Alan Carr and Bryce Bladon – Dapper Labs2019-11-20T22:27:55+00:00

016 – Sean Papanikolas – Cargo

In this episode, we speak with Sean Papanikolas, founder and CEO of Cargo. Sean has extensive experience as a developer as well as a founder of various businesses. Frustrated after being shut out by a payment processor he was trying to use for his crypto project, Sean founded Cargo to solve the problem himself. (more…)

016 – Sean Papanikolas – Cargo2019-11-20T22:28:07+00:00

015 – John Crain – SuperRare

In this episode, we speak with John Crain, co-founder and CEO of SuperRare. John has an extensive background in product consulting for fortune 500s like Coca-Cola & AT&T before taking the leap and working on products in the e-commerce and crypto space.


015 – John Crain – SuperRare2019-11-20T22:28:19+00:00

014 – Leighton Cusack – PoolTogether

In this episode, we speak with Leighton Cusack, founder and CEO of PoolTogether. Leighton was previously the co-founder and CEO of Kindrid, a company dedicated to increasing generosity through technology. (more…)

014 – Leighton Cusack – PoolTogether2019-11-20T22:28:31+00:00

012 – Devin Finzer – OpenSea

In this episode, we speak with Devin Finzer, co-founder and CEO of OpenSea. Before OpenSea, Devin worked at Pinterest and Google, and sold his previous company to Credit Karma.


012 – Devin Finzer – OpenSea2019-11-20T22:28:44+00:00

011 – Season 2 Intro – NFTs and DeFi

In this episode, co-hosts Nick and Zach chat about a new approach to releasing episodes, this season’s focus on NFTs and DeFi projects and episode highlights. Enjoy! (more…)

011 – Season 2 Intro – NFTs and DeFi2019-11-20T22:42:06+00:00

013 – Jayson Hobby – Compound

In this episode, we speak with Jayson Hobby, Head of Design at Compound. Hailing from Stumptown, Oregon, Jayson has deep design experience, previously leading pro and institutional Product Design at Coinbase including Coinbase Custody, Pro and Prime. Before diving into crypto, Jayson cut his teeth on product on the founding team of Uber Freight by way of Otto. In his free time he’s listening to obscure music or casting cardboard spells in Magic The Gathering. (more…)

013 – Jayson Hobby – Compound2019-11-20T22:29:14+00:00

010 – Season 1 Finale

In this episode, we look back on the first season of Fork the Product to chat about lessons learned, patterns we’ve observed across projects and what’s ahead for the industry.

In the next season of Fork the Product, we’ll be digging even deeper into specific aspects of UX and product strategy. Stay tuned!


010 – Season 1 Finale2019-11-20T22:29:21+00:00

009 – Katy Jeremko – Twos Complement

In this episode, we speak with Katy Jeremko. Katy is a designer who has built and launched successful products for the last decade. She is known for her work with NASA’s open government initiative, and as a co-founder of re:3D, the manufacturer of the Gigabot 3D Printer. Katy is also a partner at Two’s Complement a Colorado technology studio that harnesses the power of complimentary design and development for high-caliber teams.


009 – Katy Jeremko – Twos Complement2019-11-20T22:29:31+00:00