010 – Season 1 Finale

In this episode, we look back on the first season of Fork the Product to chat about lessons learned, patterns we’ve observed across projects and what’s ahead for the industry.

In the next season of Fork the Product, we’ll be digging even deeper into specific aspects of UX and product strategy. Stay tuned!


010 – Season 1 Finale2019-06-16T20:52:45+00:00

009 – Katy Jeremko – Twos Complement

In this episode, we speak with Katy Jeremko. Katy is a designer who has built and launched successful products for the last decade. She is known for her work with NASA’s open government initiative, and as a co-founder of re:3D, the manufacturer of the Gigabot 3D Printer. Katy is also a partner at Two’s Complement a Colorado technology studio that harnesses the power of complimentary design and development for high-caliber teams.


009 – Katy Jeremko – Twos Complement2019-06-19T18:19:26+00:00

008 – Doug Petkanics – Livepeer

In this episode, we speak with Doug Petkanics, co-founder and CEO of Livepeer. Livepeer is developing open source video infrastructure services on top of the Ethereum blockchain. For those interested in learning about how a project tackles the huge challenge of designing token economic systems to properly align incentives of different groups in a network, this episode is for you.


008 – Doug Petkanics – Livepeer2019-02-26T08:28:26+00:00

007 – Annie Brown – Lips

In this episode, we speak with Annie Brown, founder of Lips. What started out as an assignment for an Introduction to Women’s Studies class has evolved into something much bigger over the course of ten years. Their aim is to carve out a space for open and honest expression of sexuality through stories, poetry, and artwork. We had a fantastic conversation with Annie exploring how Lips sits at the intersection of sexuality, feminism, technology and community. The Lips team is doing really important and beautiful work to support and empower vulnerable populations, and we can all learn a lot from Annie and her team.


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006 – Anne Griffin – OpenLaw

In this episode, we speak with Anne Griffin, Lead Product Manager at OpenLaw. OpenLaw is a ConsenSys spoke that is building next generation smart legal agreements. We cover a lot of great topics in this discussion such as how the OpenLaw team is trying to build a Wikipedia-like community to drive contract law forward, what their business model is, how they overcome being such a geographically distributed and remote-first team, and much more.


006 – Anne Griffin – OpenLaw2019-01-15T21:20:48+00:00

005 – Bobby Dresser – MetaMask

In this episode, we get deep and philosophical with Bobby Dresser, Technical Project Manager for MetaMask. For the uninitiated, MetaMask is the gateway to Web3 enabling you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser. We had a fascinating and wide-ranging conversation with Bobby discussing the dynamics of working on a remote-first team, the fuzziness of competition and collaboration, and so much more.


005 – Bobby Dresser – MetaMask2019-01-08T21:58:25+00:00

004 – Amy Ngai – Cryptokitties

In this episode, we sit down with Amy Ngai, Product Designer at CryptoKitties. If you’re living under a rock and don’t know CryptoKitties, it’s one of the first Ethereum-based decentralized apps to gain some degree of mainstream adoption. It’s a game developed by Axiom Zen centered around breedable, collectible and adorable cats that are one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you. In our conversation, we get an inside look at how the team behind this early success is tackling the challenges of designing intuitive experiences on top of blockchains, and get a peak at what is coming in the future.


004 – Amy Ngai – Cryptokitties2019-01-08T22:00:14+00:00

003 – Vishakh – Cryptonomic

In this episode, we dig in with Vishakh, the co-founder of Cryptonomic. Cryptonomic is NYC-based startup building developer tools to enable decentralization and digital sovereignty in a multi-chain future. Vishakh gives us the inside scoop on how his team has grown and evolved, why he believes in a multi-chain future and how Cryptonomic is helping build towards that starting with the first Tezos wallet.


003 – Vishakh – Cryptonomic2018-11-16T04:50:38+00:00

002 – Justin Hunter – Graphite

In this episode, we sit down with Justin Hunter, founder of Graphite. Built on Blockstack, Graphite is an open source, decentralized and encrypted replacement for Google G-Suite and Microsoft Office. We explore Justin’s interesting path to blockchain, what problems Graphite is solving, why he chose to build Graphite on Blockstack and much more.


002 – Justin Hunter – Graphite2018-11-16T05:20:34+00:00

001 – Evin McMullen – Stow Protocol

In this episode, we speak with Evin McMullen, CEO and Spoke Lead at Stow Protocol (formerly Linnia). Stow Protocol is a web3.0 backend-in-a-box that helps developers build decentralized applications without knowledge of cryptography or solidity, and gives end-users control of their data. We cover a lot of big topics in this discussion such as how the Stow Protocol team uses design thinking for building a backend protocol, how they are thinking about business models, their approach for roadmap planning, and much more.


001 – Evin McMullen – Stow Protocol2018-12-04T20:50:24+00:00